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Becoming successful is not an event. It is a lifestyle whose foundation is built one brick a time, through first learning how to become successful and then changing your mindset, your actions and surroundings.

The Black Student’s Guide to Success is an inspirational and motivational title written by a young African American Surgeon. Dr. Roderick Claybrooks was compelled to write this book after meeting so many patients in the emergency rooms of Detroit that were living beneath their potential and not maximizing their gifts. The Black Student’s Guide to Success has 23 informative chapters covering a wide array of topics. Starting many chapters with a quote or phrase, Dr. Claybrooks discusses everything from “The importance of knowledge” to “What is wealth and are you wealthy?” While chapters such as these are universal, Dr. Claybrooks also addresses some issues that are specific to African Americans such as “Acting White” and “Our Obligation.” Dr. Claybrooks has made it one of his life’s missions to demonstrate to minority youth in particular, the importance of education. As the author of the The Black Student’s Guide to Success and The Black Student’s Guide to Success Workbook , Dr. Claybrooks shows students how to discover their strengths which will lead them to a career based on their talents and not necessarily their passion.

This book has something for readers of all ages. You weren’t designed to be a failure. You were created to succeed. It is possible to have a successful spiritual, professional, financial and personal life.

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